We are better together

Why eMazzanti?

A career at eMazzanti is more than just a job. We offer a culture of continuous learning that embraces the latest technologies and values your innovative ideas and contributions. The people who work at eMazzanti are experts in their field and are committed to support each other’s individual success as well as the success of the company as a whole.

While we pride ourselves on our passion for technology, we want to work with people like you who thrive in a fast-paced environment, enjoy helping clients solve problems and like to take ownership of the work they do.

You have the opportunity to learn and work in all aspects of IT services. As technology is rapidly changing and advancing, eMazzanti is at the forefront of implementing next generation tech.

Denis Smith,
Network Engineer, Hoboken

Our Core Benefits

Training Budget

Yes, it’s true. if you’ve always wanted to gain certification for a specific competency or training on new software solutions you can. We encourage both individual and collective learning opportunities that can help further your career and support the ongoing success of our clients.

A Practice of Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

If you learn something cool and relevant to the work we do at eMazzanti, we want to learn it to As you build your skill sets and knowledge base, you can aslo grow as a teacher and trainer for other members of your team. This keeps all of us on a leading edge and translates into better support and training for our customers.

Access to
Leading Edge Technologies

Want to check out an emerging technology or some new hardware? we’re game! The more we know about available technologies and how to use them, the better we can serve our clients.

Customer Base

Our team is small, yet agile and able to serve clients in diverse industries around the globe. You will get to work with a wide range of clients solving a variety of problem and business needs. The work is exciting, fast-paced and never boring. In a short amount of time you’ll gain experience.

At eMazzanti Technologies, we’re not satisfied to simply meet industry standards—we provide our customers with a way to exceed them. And for over 20 years, we have.

From lightning fast response times to the friendliest support team you’ll ever speak to, we always go the extra mile for our customers.

Our engineering expertise is derived from the enthusiasm of our engineers. Their qualities reflect a passion for learning, a desire to solve problems, and a satisfaction from a job well done for our customers.


Our Hiring Process

Identify the role
Complete the online application
Upload your resume
Complete a 2 minute video interview
Get Hired



eMazzanti has the best Customer service. Every time I have a problem they are willing to help me no matter how long it takes them. I remember that on Christmas Eve, Chaminda Marabage help me with a big problem that I was having in one of our Pandora Stores. Even though it was really late and they were closing, he stayed on the line with me until everything was resolved.

Gianky Hernandez



Though we are not one of their big clients, we have always been treated as if we are their major customer. Their knowledgeable technical support staff is always quick to respond to all our needs. I had dealt with different providers prior to eMazzanti but no one compares to the impressive response time that we get from them – 24/7.

Ben Hernanzdez

Bell Container Corp


Our business relation between Fire District 17 Department and eMazzanti Technologies has been wonderful from the beginning. Sales and support engineers are prompt, quick, and work pleasantly with our IT engineers. Not only were they there to provide us with O-365 mail licenses support, but they went out of their way to explain to the admin staff the differences between all the license options and their cost.

Alex M.


I’ve been a customer of eMazzanti for 12 or more years and I have never been disappointed by the expertise and professionalism of the support staff. Lets say every support job that’s assigned from initial call to completion is personally handled by all staff members if necessary. Kudos to your support staff and thank you.

Joseph V.