Entreprenuership Internship

Immediate Hire

Are you insanely curious about how things work? Do you like solving problems and then being accountable for the solution? The early signs of successful entrepreneurs often manifest themselves in the internal drive and passion of individuals who want to be successful. eMazzanti Technologies offers this Entrepreneurship Internship program to find the unique talent that can fit the role of an up and coming leader, project ambassador, and more. The program can take place in a few months or over a semester or a year. This program offers a unique way to get your hands dirty inside an organization and make a difference. You will definitely have the opportunity to have an impact while learning the dynamics of a high growth, market responsive organization.


If you are interested in learning more, please apply online and indicate if you have areas within the firm that you are interested in. Also please also complete the video questions so we can assess where you might be a great fit.

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